My work with photography developed out of my three-dimensional constructions. I do not use photo-shop to make “pictures” but to present the images I shoot at my studio as “conceptual objects” in an abstract relationship to the world. I call this work “photo-construction”.

More recently I have been incorporating QR codes into my work. These “2D bar codes” direct the camera-phone of any viewer scanning them to online dimensions of the work. The wall-mounted or printed pieces thereby connect to any other relevant medium, whether other images, text, music or video, either created by myself or others, accessed via the internet.

Some pieces are produced as “banners” that are output as 1-bit screened images on regular (80 gsm) plain paper, up to twelve feet in length or height.
Outside of this work I also shoot social photography, fetish photography and previously portrait photography.

About the Photo-Constructions.

The most consistent iconography of my photo-construction pieces, work in two-dimensions, over the past several years has been that summarised as “women with guns”. Whilst this had for a time alluded to popular culture (the movie action-woman or cinematic heroine) it now tends towards classical allegory: utilisation of the female character as the personification of concepts.

My work bridges these otherwise independent hermeneutic frames. On the one hand in the movies of Tarantino, the female character embodies the concept of the liberated woman expressed through her physical capacity for violence. Whereas, in classical allegory up to the statuary of modern times, the female character embodies noble concepts such as honour, justice or liberty. In my work the female character wears both mantles, positing problematic issues regarding the relationship between freedom and violence. In particular, in the context of global cultural turmoil that is both contemporary yet continues within an historical frame.
Some of my work is both topical and provocative. It is contentious but without imposing a “message”. I seek to casually instil my work with irony, humour and sarcasm!