Photo Constructions by Alex Tsander (Later Work, 2007 to 2010).

 "Portrayal of  a Painting by Allen Jones...Updated"


 "Shanghai Industries"
"Three Romans"

Below: three panels of
"Three Macedonians"
(outer, central, outer).

"Kleitus and Kallisthenes, An Opera"

"The King of Baghdad".

"The King of Baghdad, QR"


Above: one of nine "Hussaria" working image.
Below: Three of nine "Hussaria" hanging.

"The Strasbourg Stride"

Above, "Homo Russos". Below, "Galloway's Girls".

"Back to The Wall".

Below: three panels of
"Three Daughters of Bethulia"
(outer, central, outer).
Three Daughters of Bethulia, Leftwards (one of three)

Three Daughters of Bethulia, Central (one of three)
Three Daughters of Bethulia, Rightwards (one of three)
"Jehudit 21"

"Ladies Knight"


"Hektor und Andromache"